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A building is never complete without its roof. From the iconic triangles that top homes, to curved, smooth domes that cover unique structures, your roofing material is what protects you from external forces that come falling down from the sky. Though choosing the color, type, and texture that will perfectly match your residential properties is quite simple to understand, the same cannot be said with commercial properties.

The roofs of commercial properties have specific functions, which will depend on the activities that are held within the building. Some will need to have massive cooling and/or heating systems installed on top of their spaces, while others would want to have their company logo seen from the sky. Moreover, because of how important their roofing choice is for their establishment, commercial property owners do their best to maintain and preserve its form and function, which, sadly, does not always work so well.

Overtime, their roofs will sustain a lot of wear and tear, and can cost a fortune to fix; and without the proper aid, their troubles will start spreading from their roofs all the way to the ground floor. Minor cracks and leaks will eventually flood important systems, and roofs can become brittle and come crashing down. In cases like these, no ordinary restoration job would do. When your commercial establishment has experienced any kind of roof damage, contact LMS Restoration immediately, and we will be more than happy to bring your roofs back up again.

LMS Restoration Presents: TPO Roofing

Here, at LMS, we only utilize the best roofing products the world has to offer. Our TPO roofing system will be your go to source for excellent roof quality, and can last up to 35 years. TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is a single-ply roofing membrane created to withstand heat aging and UV degradation. With this in mind, you are certain that when we apply this on your properties, it will be an easy and fast task - sparing you from losing time and money. It is also a revolutionary piece of equipment that does not require any protective sheet when applied, can be placed on any surface, and comes in a multitude of color choices; this provides an array of palettes which will definitely make your business stand out.

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