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Why Do-It-Yourself Mold Cleanup is a Bad Idea

In today’s economy, getting some things done with your own hands can be a big money saver. If you have the time and energy to tackle a few chores around the house, that is commendable. However, mold remediation is better left to professionals.

The Nature and Dangers of Mold

Mold is a tiny, multicellular fungus that’s mostly made up of long, filamentous structures called hyphae. It can grow just about anywhere in the world as long as the conditions are damp and there is a basic food supply around. In homes or commercial environments, it can grow on wood, drywall, wallpaper, and practically any porous surface. It reproduces rapidly with its spores and if you leave it undisturbed, it can form large colonies that are difficult to wipe out. While mold may be common in the states of Texas and Oklahoma, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t dangerous. Aside from being an irritant that can cause skin and respiratory issues, it can also induce allergic reactions and asthma episodes. In some cases, it can even produce harmful toxins that can cause neurological damage to susceptible people exposed to it. Even if you don’t ingest or come in direct contact with mold, you may inhale the spores and become sick. If you’ve had recent indoor flooding or water intrusion in your property, you’ll want to have it checked for mold presence by experienced professionals such as the experts from LMS Restoration. We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to find mold wherever it exists and eliminate it.  

The Challenge of DIY Mold Cleanup 

Mold cleanup is not as simple as rubbing it off with chlorinated water. Safety and thoroughness are key in a successful mold remediation job. If you are not absolutely sure about what to do when cleaning mold, we suggest not doing it at all. Here are a few reasons why you should leave mold cleanup to LMS Restoration’s team of experts.
  • What you see is just the tip of the iceberg – When mold specks or patches are visible, it’s usually a safe bet that what you see is not the only growth happening in your property. Mold reproduces quickly and its spores can be blown away to other areas where they can start new colonies. As such, it could grow hidden in spaces where it is hard to see or reach. You may not be aware of it, but mold could be thriving in inconspicuous environments like carpets, air conditioning units, cabinets and window panes. Mold spores can also float indefinitely in the air, waiting to be inhaled. When this happens, serious health problems can occur. Getting rid of mold for good requires its complete removal wherever it’s found. Attempting this without the right detection, water extraction, dehumidification and disinfection materials can lead to recurring mold infestation on your property.

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  • Spores can get airborne with the slightest impact – What makes the process of cleaning mold both tricky and hazardous is that lay people approach the task with incomplete knowledge and lack of safety equipment. When you scrub surfaces with conventional cleaning equipment, you are likely to inhale the spores that you agitate with each stroke. This also means that the ones you don’t inhale will float around and land in other parts of your property where they can start growing within days of your cleaning.
  • Doing it yourself may cost more than paying the pros – In case you feel you know how to clean up mold safely and effectively, it still may not be enough to justify doing the job yourself. The right materials and tools along with the personal protective equipment that it takes to do the task correctly can be costly. At the end of the day, you could end up spending more on these items than what you would pay a professional service provider such as LMS Restoration. If you factor in the time and energy it takes to do the job which could be used to do other, more productive things, the costs run much higher than what you spend up front. Professional mold remediation service providers charge a fraction of what you would spend in getting rid of mold yourself. The added value, of course, is the fact that we take the risk and stress out of the equation.
  • Experts guarantee peace of mind – When you ask LMS Restoration for mold remediation help, we guarantee the most comprehensive mold removal operation this side of Texas and Oklahoma. During the free inspection, we will show you every nook and cranny where mold could be hiding. We will then give you a fair cost estimate of the project and help you get your mold damage claim approved by your insurance firm. We will start systematically eliminating mold on your property. LMS Restoration does follow-up checks after the cleaning process is over to be sure that no mold is left behind.