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Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning

dirty ac coils completely blocked by debris

Air conditioning systems have two coils made of copper tubes with aluminum fins. The Evaporator Coil is located inside the unit, while the Condenser Coil is located outside. Air that moves over these coils contain dirt, dust, moisture and other contaminants. This, in turn, affects indoor air quality as the coils get dirty. These contaminants can also cause your unit to decline in performance while increasing energy use. 

air conditioning coils nearly blocked with debris

To avoid these problems, have your AC’s coils cleaned regularly! An air conditioner’s coils, fins and filters demand routine maintenance for effective and efficient functioning throughout its years of service. Regular cleaning will allow your unit to run cooler with less energy, provide cleaner air in your home, extend the overall life of your unit, and save on electric costs.

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