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Contents Restoration Service in Paris, TX

LMS Restoration will transfer your valuables to our state of the art, climate controlled content restoration facility to be salvaged and restored. We will also store your personal belongings until your restoration project is complete.

Your contents will be taken to our climate controlled, secure storage and contents restoration facility for processing and safekeeping while decisions are made. Once cleaning begins, your possessions will be restored in the LMS Restoration content processing facility.

One issue of particular concern is the effect of corrosion on any metal object from water damage. This usually includes electronic items and precision equipment. But what about hand tools? LMS Restoration is able to assess corrosion, remove it and even restore the appearance to the item.

Consider this partial list of the many items that we can recover for your home or company:

  • Furniture of all types, including antiques, custom and manufactured items
  • Artwork, accents, ceramics, oil on canvas, wood, stone and metal sculpture
  • Dishes, pots & pans, crystal, glassware, silverware and similar valuables
  • Personal papers, documents and books
  • Recovery of x-ray media, microfilm and fiche, photographs and all photographic media
  • Books, bound volumes and manuscripts
  • Magnetic media to include all forms of tape, diskettes and cassettes
  • Optical media, CDs, DVDs
  • All forms of textiles, clothing, drapes and upholstery
  • Precision equipment
  • Computers and all other electronics, consumer items and professional
  • Vacuum freeze drying and desiccant drying of these materials
  • Comprehensive Corrosion Control Services

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