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Testimonial From Debbie Kruse in Detroit, TX

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When we arrived home from church, our Sunday roast dinner had burned to the point that smoke completely engulfed our brand new home! The house had filled with smoke in every room to the extent you could not see or breathe, as we very quickly discovered. My husband and I opened every window in the house thinking we could air it out, although we had never encountered something like this before. A few hours later we realized it wasn’t going to air out and we were in over our heads on trying to get the odor out ourselves.

The next morning I called LMS Restoration to see when they could come look at what had happened and if they could do something. I was elated to know they would come and evaluate the situation in the next couple of hours. We were sick over what had happened, and especially to our new home of only ten months! I thought it would never be the same again. Imagine my surprise as Don stood before me and promised me that LMS could clean it all up to the point that we would never even know this happened in our home!

LMS immediately started and worked on cleaning the air and every square inch of our home. Our clothes even had to all be sent to be specially cleaned to get all the smoke out of them so they wouldn’t have to be replaced! As they explained to me, we had a “protein burn” and it is one of the hardest to get rid of. We had no fire damage, so to look at our home, it was fine, but the smell was…..uggh!!

It has been 6 weeks since this occurred and if I hadn’t told you, you would never know this happened in our home! No odor at all – wonderful!! I am so thankful they were able to clean it all up and that we are not living with a constant reminder of what happened to us.

We have been so pleased with the service and professionalism of LMS Restoration. The quality of their work and their employees work ethic is very much appreciated. I am happy to recommend them for any clean up issue that may occur and am confident that they are able to take care of the next customer with the same level of professionalism they have us.


Debbie Kruse

Detroit, TX