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Storm Damage Cleanup and Repair in the Greater Houston Area

Hurricanes batter the state of Texas each year, damaging property and threatening lives as they move through towns and cities. The most immediate effect is wind damage, which can dislocate roofs, break windows and send debris flying. A bigger concern, however, comes from the rain that hurricanes carry. Strong downpours can cause flooding which will have lingering effects long after the storm has passed.

If stormwater penetrates a building’s interior, it can weaken wood parts, make metals more susceptible to corrosion and spur bacterial and fungal growth. When this happens to your household or your place of business, you’ll need specialized water damage restoration services to help you get things back to how they were before disaster struck.

LMS Restoration is exactly that kind of service provider. Whether you’ve been a victim of a hurricane, a tornado, or a hailstorm, we’ll know exactly how to help you out. We have the knowledge, equipment and experience that it takes to do the perfect job of getting your place back to normal. We’ve been doing fire and water damage restoration in Texas since 1997, so you can bet we’ve seen just about everything that nature can throw at us.

Water Damage is Progressive

Water damage is one of those things that can only get worse the more you wait on it. The longer your home is exposed to floodwater, the tougher it becomes to restore. Consequently, repair and restoration costs will also mount if you fail to take decisive action at the soonest possible time.

The moment you see or suspect water damage in your household, contact LMS Restoration for a free inspection. We’ll drop by immediately and use field-proven assessment methods to analyze the type and extent of water damage. We’ll also tell you what the best course of action is and how much cost you’re looking at in getting the job done. We’ll do all of this at NO CHARGE and definitely NO OBLIGATIONS to you!

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At LMS Restoration, we know how stressful the period between disaster and recovery can be. When you seek our assistance, we guarantee you the fastest and easiest route towards full property restoration. Our courteous and professional staff is ready to take your call at any time. We render our services with the least amount of downtime and we work with most insurance firms operating in the state of Texas.

Call us today at 903-229-4846. We are prepared to handle emergencies on demand. You can also leave us a message on our Contact Us page for less urgent requests. For all your fire and water damage restoration needs in Texas, trust only in LMS Restoration!