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Toilet Overflow Cleanup Services in the Greater Houston Area

Of all the possible causes of indoor flooding, nothing strikes more fear into a homeowner’s heart than a toilet overflow. Toilet water’s unsanitary nature makes it a nightmare cleanup job for the average person. It can also render carpets, draperies and upholstery unsafe for use if the flooding goes out of hand and reaches your home’s living spaces. Toilet overflows usually happen when the pipe that leads the water to the sewers gets clogged up by solid objects like tissue paper, feminine pads and toys. This prevents water from being forced into sewers, causing it to back up into the bowl and flood its surroundings. In other cases, the balloon in the toilet’s water tank may not work correctly and cause water to come in non-stop. The tank eventually overflows, resulting in a flood that’s slightly “cleaner” than a flood from the bowl.

Either way, a toilet overflow is something most folks in Alvin and Galveston, TX would rather not go through. If the resulting flood creeps into your carpet and furniture, it’ll take more than a regular plumber to help you get things back to normal. Good thing there’s LMS Restoration. We’re a professional fire and water restoration service provider that specializes in stopping a toilet water overflow at its source, containing the floodwater, and then making everything dry and clean like it was before your toilet incident.

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Don’t let a toilet overflow’s unsanitary water cause major household problems. Unclean water can weaken wood, trigger metal corrosion and spur mold growth. LMS Restoration’s team of water damage experts will make sure your toilet is fixed and every flooded area is completely dried off and sanitized. Unlike regular plumbing services, we deal with more than just fixing pipes and toilets. We offer a complete toilet overflow cleanup solution that focuses on effectiveness, health and safety.

Call LMS Restoration today for a free inspection and cost estimate right in your Texas or Oklahoma home. Our professional and courteous staff is standing by to assist you even in emergencies. You can also leave a message on our Contact Us page for general inquiries. We work with most insurance companies and we will help you with your claim to make your toilet overflow cleanup experience as quick and easy as possible.