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Since - 1997
Commercial Services for Hotels in Paris, TX

Commercial Restoration Services for Hotels in Alvin & Galveston, TX

Owning a hotel is indeed quite a challenge. Because of the many rooms and accommodations that need to be maintained and the volume of people checking in and/or out, plans are made to ensure that the daily operations will run smoothly. However, unexpected events, such as disasters, can cut the steady flow abruptly, and leave the hotel management in a barrage of problems. That is why if your hotel is in need of a quick and reliable restoration service, then look no further than LMS Restoration.

Commercial Restoration Services for Hotels in Paris, TX

For many years, we have seen residential and commercial properties crumble from the effects of floods, fires, and the like. Albeit, hiring a professional hand is unnecessary for some cases, but for buildings as big and as tall as hotels, it is better to leave the daunting tasks to the experts.

Since the year 1997, we have been proudly serving the people of Galveston & Alvin, TX by helping them with all their restoration needs. Armed with the best restoration equipment and methods, it is certain that every corner of your property will be restored to its proper form and function. With our help, your hotels will not have to suffer from further damage, as well as provide a safe and healthy space for your employees and guests.

Restoration Services We Offer

Not all restoration methods work for the same problem. Depending on the situation you are facing, we will address it accordingly.  

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LMS Restoration will also be working directly with your insurance agency, so that you will not have to deal with the legal issues and legwork all on your own. If you are interested in hiring our services, give us a call by dialing: 903-229-4846. Visit our contact page here for further questions and inquiries. We offer FREE estimates, quick response time, daily monitoring, as well as a 24-hour service for emergency cases.