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Water Damage Insurance Claim Assistance in the Greater Houston Area

Here at LMS Restoration, we know how much stress comes with having to deal with water damage to your property. Parts of your home can be rendered unusable for days and your normal daily activities could be disrupted. With everything you need to take care of in the aftermath of a small disaster, filing a successful insurance claim should be the last thing on your mind. Sadly, it’s usually the most pressing matter you have to attend to.

We are here to change that. LMS Restoration goes beyond removing water from your home and getting everything back to normal. We are also great with making sure that Texas and Oklahoma insurance firms cover our clients’ restoration bills. To make sure that your claim is processed successfully, we assist you every step of the way. LMS Restoration’s team of experts guides you in reviewing your insurance policy, documenting the disaster, filling out your claim forms and submitting them to the insurance company for approval.

Most people in Alvin & Galveston, Texas and Oklahoma protect their property with comprehensive insurance policies that cover water and fire damage. However, inaccurate documentation can give your insurance company grounds to deny your claim. When this happens, you may be forced to cover the repair, cleanup and restoration expenses with your own money.

Don’t let that nightmare scenario happen. When water invades your property, call LMS Restoration right away. We are ready to respond to emergency calls and we arrive quickly to assess the type and extent of water damage. We then give you a free and detailed quote. Once we agree on the restoration plan, we take care of the insurance claim filing for you, so that we can get started with the business of getting your life back to normal.

Call 903-229-4846 to get in touch with our friendly and professional staff. You can also leave a message in our Contact Us page to schedule an inspection on your Texas or Oklahoma property. For all your fire and water damage restoration needs, trust only LMS Restoration!

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