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Chris Gies Retirement

After being the Chief Financial Officer for LMS Restoration since February 2006, Chris Gies has decided to retire.

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Fourth Of July Fire Disaster

Now that we are complete in our restoration by LMS after our super smokey garage fire over July 4th, I want to let everyone know how pleased we are with LMS and Allstate Insurance. First off, LMS was on the scene with Allstate immediately.

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How To Safely Remove Your Home Tiles

Removing the tiles on your floors or walls should be treated with the same simplicity as with any other home project.

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Blessings for Brittany Fundraiser

LMS Restoration teamed up with The Depot to host a benefit on July, 12 in order to raise money for the medical expenses to get Brittany the treatment she deserves.

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Dangerous Health Risks Caused By Molds

Molds are small yet slimy organisms that love to grow in dark, humid, and damp places. If not remediated correctly, they may lead to hazardous health risks.

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Benefits Of Creating An Emergency Response Plan

An emergency response plan is the action one takes before, during, and after an emergency situation.

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How Often Do I Need Clean My Homes Hvac Air Ducts

You should know that cleaning your air ducts and HVAC ducts regularly can help keep you and your family safe from various respiratory problems.

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Storm Preparedness Tips Boarding Up Your Home

Boarding basically protects your windows, doors, and outdoor rooms, from being knocked or blown down

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When Should Remove My Home Insulation

Insulating places like your basement, and attic is a smart way to save money.

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Is Your Business Prepared For Disasters

Disasters, whether natural or otherwise, can cause a lot of problems for businesses. If the damage is monumental, it can spell the demise of the company.

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Top Causes Water Heater Leaks Overflows

Ignoring a leaking water heater can lead to such problems as damaged structural integrity of walls and floors due to water saturation, formation of molds, and even flooding.

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Important Fire Safety Tips For Homeowners

If you are a Texas or Oklahoma homeowner who would like to keep your family safe from the dangers of fire accidents, read this short list of safety tips.

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