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Chris Gies Retirement

Chris Gies Retirement, LMS Restoration

Chris Giles Retirment

After being the Chief Financial Officer for LMS Restoration since February 2006, Chris Gies has decided to retire.His last day with us will be Friday, October 30th.

I took the time to ask Chris how he is feeling about retirement and his response was: "Well, I'm not really sure how to feel about it... both excited and a little scared for the huge change. As long as I can keep myself busy though I think I'll be okay."

I then asked, so what are your plans for staying busy? And he replied: " Oh, a little traveling, relaxing, remodeling, photography, spending time with family!"

Sounds to me like Chris has got a great plan ahead of him and we certainly wish him all the best! As a company, we cannot thank Chris enough for his hard work and dedication.