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When Should I Remove My Home’s Insulation?

Insulating places like your basement, and attic is a smart way to save money. With insulation, the temperature that circulates around your home is spread evenly throughout the rooms; resulting to less usage of appliances such as electric fans, heaters, and air-conditioners. Living in a home that is both cozy, and cost-efficient is a lifestyle many want to experience for a long time; insulation instalments however, do not last as long. There are many reasons why insulations in attics, and basements should be removed; here is a list of reasons as to why removing home insulations is a good thing.

insulation being removed from attic

Getting Rid of Vermin

Slag, wool, cellulose, natural fibers, rigid foam boards, and sleek soils; these are some of the materials used for insulation instalments; which can also be agreeable living conditions for vermin. Squirrels, raccoons, and mice are common rodents that run around the corners of your home, and are a nuisance. Hiring pest control can be expensive; depending on the intensity of the situation. Removing the insulation minimizes the number of vermin living in those spaces; it doesn’t completely solve the pest problem, but it makes it manageable to get rid of.

Eliminating Mold Spores

Mold – though slimy and small, can be detrimental to one’s health. When mold spreads it releases spores. These mold spores can manifest in places that are dark, moist, humid, and have microorganisms that are found in their diets; making installed insulations in the attic and basement, easy targets. Inhaling mold spores cause serious breathing problems, allergic reactions, and asthma. If you begin to see mold build-up in your insulations, it is highly encouraged to remove them.

Light Installations

New light fixtures need to be connected from the ceiling; removing the insulation from the attic makes the job easier.

Water & Fire Damages

The presence of insulation during a storm, or house fire, can do more harm than good. If there is a leak in the ceiling, or the walls of your basement, water will be soaked by the material; adding weight to your ceiling, and slowly destroying your home. If the materials get caught in a fire, the fire will spread quickly because of the material’s chemical compound or physical nature.

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