Drying Wet Buildings
Since - 1997

Testimonial From Janece Rankin in Fort Towson, OK

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It was the day after Thanksgiving and I was in sheer panic! There was water running down my walls from upstairs, dripping from my chandelier, and my toes went squish-squish-squish everywhere I walked! I called my insurance agent, who was in the deer woods like everyone else that day, and he suggested I call LMS Restoration. To my amazement, the LMS Restoration crews were at my home in about 2 hours…I was astonished they arrived so quickly! The two technicians who came to my home were very friendly, and feeling comfortable with the people working in your home is very important to a widow. Everyone from the office has been very congenial and I am completely satisfied with my overall experience. I would certainly recommend LMS Restoration to anyone who experience a flood in their home.