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Operations Supervisor at LMS Restoration is Recognized for his Generous and Heart Felt Offer in Idabel, OK

Dear CEO of LMS Restoration,

I would like to share a small story about a Mother's Day that will never be forgotten.

I was away on a business trip on Mother's Day and could not be there with my family to share this special day. This past Friday my elderly parents had a disastrous flood and could not get the water out of their home for almost 48 hours. Prior to LMS arriving at my parent’s home, my mother and father found out that their insurance company may not cover the flood. So, of course with my both of my parents being elderly, they were lost and did not know what to do.

My mother called me in tears about the situation but had to let me go shortly after because the flood crew from LMS had arrived at her home. Approximately one hour later my mother called me back and told me that God had sent her an angel. I broke down in tears as she told me “baby girl I am okay now” and she wasn't crying anymore.

At this point I asked mom to please forgive me for not being there in this hard time and on Mother's Day, she told me “it’s okay baby girl I'm in good hands now.” One of your crew members by the name of Keith, came into my mother's home as she was in tears, and this special young man (that I cannot wait to meet) came walked up to her and wrapped his arms around my sweet, dear mother and told her “ma’am please don't cry… my crew and I are here for you and we are going to make this all better for you.”

As he had my mother in his arms comforting her, he told her “ma’am I'm not going to walk away from you until you and your husband feel safe in your home and we get your home back the way you want it.” She told him she didn't know if her insurance was going to cover this and this young special man that your company and God sent to my mother’s house (a special angel in our family now) looked in my mother's eyes and told her “ma’am if you don't have the money for this I will help you I'm not going to walk away from you and your husband and leave you and your home like this.” I just wanted to let you know how special this young man is to me and my family. There are not many good people left in this world that would offer help to a family that they don’t even know in a time of need.

I wanted to take the time to let you know how great you made my mother feel that day. She said it was one Mother's Day she will never forget because she met a great angel and special young man from your company. My mother sends her gratitude and she told me she did not feel like a customer with your company, she felt like family and that Keith is very special to her and will always have a spot in her heart.  Thank you so very much for that special angel who took care of my elderly family like he did.

I will definitely spread the word about your company on how you don't treat your customers like customers, you treat them like family. Also, thank you for taking the time to read this; this is one mother's day I will never forget either. I wasn't there for my mother in this tragic time but thank you so much for sending that special young man to my mother's home and please let this young man know how much he appreciated. Please tell this young man God bless him he is a very special young man and God has a very special place for young man like him. Thank you so much LMS Restoration for taking care of my family in their time of need.

God bless you and the special angel you sent to my family's rescue.


Janice M.